The RIM Confederacy: Ancient Relics


The animal moved slowly along the marshy ground, it’s snout following the scent of it’s prey but only barely. With its wet squishy steps as it’s six legs slowly stepped on the fen, it made more noise as it hunted but that couldn’t be helped here on Ghayth.

The planet itself was wet, foggy, misty and yes uninhabited by any kind of sentient being and all the creatures that did make the planet home lived a wet life.

It was thought that there were large oceans with many continents that covered the planet but more than that was really unknown as the planet had not been explored in a few hundred years. It had never had a colony on it either as the climate was a constant wet one. It rained more than 90% of the time. There was a lack of seasonal changes too as the planet was not off polar axis so it was offsetting to anyone who orbited the planet and took scans.

While the fact that the planet was uninhabited meant something to many types of explorers who may be looking for a new home or assets to take, this gray planet was just too much of a raw climate hence it’s name which was not official but used by many to refer to the single fact that it was not worth the shuttle trip down. In fact the planet on all star maps had no name at all, it was simply called #4.

It had sat as such for thousands of years and remained an empty planet.

Sniffing a side scent the animal stopped and looked to the left then the right.

As usual on Ghayth, visibility was reduced to less than a few yards and the scent was one of the animals usual meals, but it could not locate the spoor along the ground. Being less than three feet tall at the shoulder meant the hunter was unable to do more than raise it’s head up as high as it could and the scent seemed a bit closer up there but it couldn’t see anything but foggy mist. It moved along a few feet and then sniffed the ground and it couldn’t find it’s original quarry but that higher scent was just a bit stronger to the right so it veered slightly to that side.

Ahead about twenty feet, there was a largish dark shadow, the third he’d passed, where the oddly shaped foliage of some kind of a large overgrown plant was above the ground and the hunter moved slowly towards that darkness pausing to sniff every few feet. That above ground smell was a bit stronger every few feet and the hunter slowed his approach and tried to step more quietly.

Suddenly, there were three loud BEEPS and the hunter jumped in fear as the sound was unknown to it. Crouching, his four forearms all digging into the marshy ground, it’s back an arch as it’s two rear legs were ready to jump or spin and run, the hunter’s lips were curled up from its teeth and fangs as it reacted to the noise and the suddenly darker light.

Above it but still a few feet away, that overgrown plant slowly was sinking in place and it sank quietly with no noise except for the rustle of the vegetation that was hanging from it’s full foliage above. It was a measured lowering of the plant in it’s entirety and it touched the ground.

The hunter was long gone and only minutes later, the plant rose again to take the same position it had held for the next hundred years and the natural world around it went on…

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