Ten Facts about Self-Publishing You Might Not Know!

self-publishing-word-cloud-300x202I write my books and self-publish them. You all know that. But do you know any of the following…cause some were brand new to me!

1- More than 50% of all traditionally published book sales of any format in the US now happen on Amazon.com. (Author Earnings, May 2016)

2- Audio book downloads increased by 38.1 percent in 2015. (CNBC, 2016)

3- The Big Five Publishers (Hachette, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster) now account for less than a quarter of all ebook purchases on Amazon. Indies are closing in on 45%. (Author Earnings, Feb 2016)

4- The top-selling books of all time are the Quran and the Bible (KJV), selling an estimated 3 billion and 2.5 million copies, respectively. Other top-sellers across time include Don Quixote (500 million), the Harry Potter series (450 million), and A Tale of Two Cities (200 million). (The Stylist, 2014)

5- In January of this year, 11 out of the top 35 books on Amazon were adult coloring books. Of those 11, 5 were published by indie authors. (Author Earnings, Feb 2016)

6- The average price of a Big Five ebook was $10.31 in January 2016. It had dropped to $8.67 by May 2016. (Author Earnings, May 2016)

7- The highest-paid author of 2016 is James Patterson, earning $95 million pre-tax. Others in the “highest-paid authors” camp include J.K. Rowling and children’s book writer Jeff Kinney. (Forbes, 2016)

8- Less than 50% of unit sales of print bestsellers in January 2016 were published by a Big Five Publisher. (Author Earnings, Feb 2016)

9- Indie authors earn close to 40% of total ebook dollars going to authors. (Publisher’s Weekly, 2014)

10- Fewer than 700 Big Five authors who debuted in the last 10 years currently earn $25,000 a year or more on Amazon—from all of their hardcover, paperback, audio and ebook editions combined. (Author Earnings, May 2016)

So….and yes, I’m grinning big time…see what might happen if you get the laptop out, sit down on the couch and start writing your own best seller?

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