The RIM Confederacy: Realm Assaults

Prologue ~

He was impressed—but then that was what was supposed to happen to anyone who came to his office. Wonderful mill work on the two walls made from the rustic red tossprho wood walls—the wood he thought was maybe from Anulet.

Books. Hundreds of titles and he’d glanced at them and they ranged from dissertations on tribal societies on Madrigal from a thousand years ago, to Astrophysics and Dwarf System Audits.

Whatever the hell that was.

On the exterior wall, were windows going almost right up to the ceiling, clean, sparkling clean windows that looked out on the landing base tarmac itself. Ships lay there, at rest.

Ships from other RIM Confederacy worlds; he could see a sphere ship from Alex”n and beside it, two frigates that were Leudie traders. Well across the tarmac, lay a single destroyer—a Barony icon with the two crowns lay at her bow.

Standing at the window, looking out, he could also see ships chandlers coming across the base field, their carriers and trailers chock full of food items, perishables and even what he could see were boxes and boxes of items to supply the ships.

He turned back towards the desk and looked it over too—again, it was one of those Anulet reddish woods, tossprho it was called he remembered. Big desk. Large enough to sit and and think, or work. The monitors were the wide horizontal wrap-around ones and they were of course, connected to the full Duchy network, and as the newest Fleet Admiral, he hadn’t checked his ID or logins yet. Would soon, but not now.

Now, he just sat.

To think about what lay ahead.

Not the nice—in fact, beautiful office.

Not the job of being the new Fleet Admiral in the Duchy navy.

Not the work at all.

Instead, what lay ahead for him and his future within the RIM Confederacy.

Being some one else’s admiral was not what his future was about.

What he needed to think on instead was what he really wanted for his future…

Almost forty and an admiral.

So…what else could he be…