The RIM Confederacy: Inwards Bound


He tossed on his bunk and thought about the current state of affairs in his life.

He should have perhaps thought about his station as an ex-Adept Officer in the Barony navy.

Also ex-Barony navy too.

Now a plain lieutenant commander in the Duchy navy.

He swept a foot and most of a leg from underneath the covers and sighed.

He was going, he knew to amount to something, but what exactly?

His life so far had been—well until the duke came along at least, pretty uneventful.

He had grown up on Eons, his parents had been Issians but had chosen to be merchants instead of working within the cult, for a reason he’d never gotten. He’d asked, he remembered but that was met with a shake of the head and silence.

He knew that many many Issians, millions in fact on Eons had little to do with the faith—but he had gravitated towards being a faithful member since about grade school. Since he’d seen vids of what it was like to be in the navy as a real live spaceman. Recruiting vids that they were for sure, but at graduation from his high school, he applied and was accepted at the RIM Confederacy Naval Academy, just outside of Dessau.

He’d realized too, that upon graduation, he would most likely be asked to swear to the faith that he would be true to Eons first, and the navy second. That was what was expected by the inner circle—the ones that ran the faith on Eons.

And on the RIM too.

He graduated, and while he was in the middle of the class as he’d excelled at little, he had at least passed and had sworn his to his faith too.

His first posting, was on the RN Marwick as their new Adept Officer under the brand new captain Scott.

Now his friend and mentor at the time he was scary. He’d fought those pirates those long years ago and had done well enough to earn a field promotion from lieutenant to captain, up two whole ranks.

The days of being on the Marwick brought mixed emotions to Bram as he rolled over onto his left side and faced the bulkhead just a half an arm’s length away.

He shied away from other memories and pushed them back, rather than re-live the hurt and pain of death and duty for many. The whole prison riot and his agreeing to resign from the RIM navy and join his captain over in the Barony navy was also something he was not going to re-live either.

He sat up and tucked the extra pillow behind his head and sighed.

No sleep truck had even gone by for him to grab onto and slide into and he kept the thought of Gia away.

He would like to see her and he knew that he could do that but he resisted.

That would be something to hold out for, he thought as he scrunched that extra pillow a bit to ease down a little on the bed.

Gym tomorrow in the early part of the morning, he grinned at himself.

He was getting paunchy and maybe a hundred core crunches would help a bit.

Hurt a bit for sure, he said to himself as he closed his eyes once more…trying to find sleep….