The RIM CONFEDERACY: Honeymoon Bottle Launched!


My #11 book “Honeymoon Bottle” in my RIM CONFEDERACY Series was just launched today! Already she’s doing well and I’m so pleased that readers are still along for the space opera ride!

“Recovering from almost fatal wounds at the hands of his sister, Tanner finds the time spent on the beach on Bottle a great way to recharge and think about his future too. Finding a way to save his sister is one major item on his plate but then there is the late Duke’s Will and the codicil offer that was beyond his wildest expectations—what to do?

The Barony had other issues, from the new discovery of more ancient relics on the crashed alien ship on Ghayth to the news that the Baroness was out once again, trying to expand her realm. When a mysterious package arrives sent to the Ambassador in charge of the Duchy, the secret is out and the hunt for a new Duke is now public news.

As the RIM Confederacy Council meeting convenes to decide the fate of the Duchy of Neen, the whole Confederacy is surprised and Provost Guards enter the room to keep the peace—which may or may not last past the end of the meeting, never mind lasting for the whole RIM Confederacy!”



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