The RIM Confederacy: Captured Aliens


The Praix had been in a hurry, suffering from technology issues, yet they still made the seventy nine thousand lights in less than an hour. At least that was the first leg—and was to be followed by more than a hundred more, as the ship tried to hide it’s real destination by using both inwards and outwards milk-run locations in the Milkyway. It took more than four days to travel and double back and jump again and then back and then inwards and then outwards, as it hid it’s real goal.

Copper plates at the back end of their huge craft almost glowed as they repelled away from the hastily jury-rigged satellite that they’d only a day ago. It had been handled by the Engineering Flock, and they swore that it would work. Not as quickly as the satellite that had been destroyed months ago on their home world—but it would get the Praix ship, the Wisp to it’s destination.

As it came on it’s path from it’s own home behind it, lay waste and ruin.

As the central core cluster of the SagD galaxy, the Class III cluster had been more than the head of civilization for that small galaxy. It had taken more than fifty millennia for the Praix to rise from the branches of their home world trees to becoming the most powerful sentient race in SagD galaxy. They had settled on planets in the surrounding Local group of galaxies spread out over almost five million lights. There were now dozens of thousands of Praix colonies and here in SagD, they were being destroyed.

From where the invaders of SagD had come no one knew, not a single beak had been able to define where they had come from. But come they had. These invaders did not communicate. They asked for nothing. They simply appeared in a system, eradicated any ships that they found. And moved on. And took nothing.

With more than ten thousand worlds in SagD being settled and colonies opening up still every year, the Praix had prided themselves on their ability to be a sane and civilized master race. Yes, there had been some small factions that had troubles being assimilated by the Praix, but with their superior technology, all had fallen before them. Some had been eradicated. Others offered slavery to remain alive at least. But all had fallen before the Praix.

Conquerors seldom face new forces that can withstand them—or defeat them.

And from what the Praix had seen, these invaders were simply eradicating anything they found. Everything they found.

So the appearance of this new unknown race with their smaller faster ships had been a surprise.

The Praix had fallen at each encounter. Their ships were destroyed by some kind of a beam sent out by these new invaders. Their planets had been simply burned up as the invaders dropped some kind of a bomb into their sun—and the resulting nova ended all life within the Cinderella zone.

The invaders moved like a black curtain across SagD—destroying ships and putting out suns.

This was an invasion that had never been countenanced before…the death of an empire—at least in SagD.

So the Praix had run.

Huge freighter ships were converted into refugee ships, carrying them away to other galaxies where safety might lie. From the large and small Magellanic clouds, Bootes, Ursa Major and Fornax and Andromeda too….all had been sent ships, tens of thousands of ships fled SagD.

There was no other way to look at it and this ship, the Wisp, had been well down the list when it came to safe-havens to run to. In fact, as there were few other locations, the Wisp had been sent into the huge Milkyway galaxy, to a location where the Praix had once considered for colonization in this galaxy—to Ghayth.

That experiment had gone awry, with the crash of the big freighter ship onto the planet itself, and the depositing of their slaves onto Eons. They’d not been back in twenty millennia—but the recent Ansible notation from Ghayth itself spoke of the ability of someone there, to let them once again, be the conqueror and not the conquered.

At least that’s what the crew thought on the Wisp and they all perched, waiting to drop out of sub-space and into orbit around the planet…