The RIM CONFEDERACY: Captured Aliens Launched!


My #12 book “Captured Aliens” in my RIM CONFEDERACY Series was just launched today! Already she’s doing well and I’m so pleased that readers are still along for the space opera ride!

“While Duke Tanner Scott takes over the reins of the Duchy, there are other forces at work that will challenge his new role. The alien Praix suddenly show up off Ghayth to begin to take over the RIM Confederacy and the Issians appear to not be able to help. Add to his woes as his sister charged with the two murders at his wedding goes to trial for murder and that his protege declares his love for her too.

Meanwhile the Leudies offer to help the upcoming battle with the Praix by lending their new Power Belts to the RIM Task Force and that is matched by the offer of the Caliph to lend his Xithricite clad ships as well. Even the Baroness knows that these aliens are a superior race and their technology is something to be feared as she pushes her navy to come up with a plan.

Added to all of this, is the sudden find of more Praix technology on the wreck on Ghayth. And the secretive move by the Praix as they are attacked by surprise by a rogue Barony navy captain means that once again, on the RIM, lines are drawn in the sand.”


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