Latest Chapters Author Signing Day a Success!

sign-1I was chuffed when once again, the huge Chapters Bookstore on Fairview Street in Burlington, offered me another Author’s Signing Day event–and I grabbed it up right away too!

And my title above notes that it was a Success–from my own sales numbers, I did better than last time–times two!

Folks actually came up and said “hey, saw you back in June and never got to buy one cause I was busy–but I’ll take one right now…” kind of comments.

The addition of a big bowl of Hershey’s Kisses didn’t hurt either! I was surprised at the number of kids who dragged over a parent who then looked at the display of my books and said “oh….SciFi…yeah….tell me about your worlds!” Thanks Hershey’s!

Once again– a BIG THANK YOU to Rebecca over at Chapters for giving me the opportunity to be at the store for an Author Signing Day–and to Kat too, that wonderful young woman who stopped by to ask how it was going and yes, to chat SciFi too! So helpful…and so nice!



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