Fair E-Book Pricing is Needed!

Public libraries recognize publishing in Canada and around the world is undergoing great change, and that the publishing industry plays an important role in the development and expression of the Canadian identity and literary culture.

But libraries also play an integral role in a vibrant book industry. Libraries are places of discovery, places that introduce people to new authors, genres and topics. Libraries have significant purchasing power as buyers of books and ebooks. Imposing unreasonably high prices – and creating a barrier between people and the books they love – is not the answer.

These are profound issues, not just for libraries but for authors and even publishers who want to connect with new readers. Canadian public libraries are committed to raising awareness of this issue and finding a solution.

  • In some cases libraries pay 3–5 times more for ebooks than consumers.
  • Penguin Random House is leading the way to a more flexible pricing model for library ebooks. We hope other multinational publishers will also make progress on pricing issues.
  • Public libraries are key players in the publishing industry, both as major purchasers of books and ebooks and promoters of reading and literacy.
  • In February 2016, we wrote to all multinational publishers to advocate for a reasonable pricing model

This is a problem for us all….we all need to let the publishers know that their pricing is too too too much!!!

So do drop by this link and sign up for the email that can tell you how to help…


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