Crimson Worlds: Planetary Breach Launch!

Okay, first I know how to write and yes, this was using the Crimson Worlds world from Jay Allan so it was easy and hard all at the same time.

I wrote what I’d describe as a ‘military marine’ type adventure and I got to use the French Foreign Legion as my host military grouping.

That made me feel good and yet also it has been done by others and that’s okay in my world…my writing is my own and check out my hero, Jonas Rouyn if you want a great read!

The Crimson Worlds area is the newest KindleWorlds “world” and you can find it here. There were I think only seven of us who wrote new adventures and we were all launched just two days ago.

So….imagine my surprise when I get the first ratings of my book–I’m #1 in the KindleWorlds store!!!!

That is an important launch I think for me–never ever been #1 before, so let’s just watch what happens. And yes, I know that the sales rankings are updated all the time so by the time you read this, Planetary Breach might have dropped but still, #1 at launch is such a nice thing to an Author! Yes, rankings are fleeting but still so so nice to see once and awhile!

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