Anatomy of a Best Seller Infographic

anatomySo…found this….and I thought I’d share….

It’s a pretty good look at what the folks over at found…common threads in relation to the length of the book, the identity of the chief protagonist, and how writing styles have evolved. Read more ›

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STILL No Better a Thrill!

Yes, I know. That the simple opening up of a case of books is not a big deal to most folks–except if you’re the Author that is.

And yes, today, a case of books came–my BONES Series #2 book – Forest Empire and it was a real charge to pay the DHS man, open up the case and see them all just lying there! Read more ›

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Chapters Bookstore Author Signing Day!

Asked if I would like to do an Author Signing afternoon at our big local Chapters Bookstore, I agreed and it was such a nice thing to be asked and such a success too!

When I say success, I mean that the bookstore staff told me that it was a success!

Read more ›

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Author Signing for Father’s Day!

If you’re in the Burlington area, on Saturday June 18th, the day before Father’s Day–then please do drop by the huge Chapters store at 3315 Fairview Street!

I’ve been invited to sit and offer up my RIM Confederacy and Bones Series of books and I’ll sign every single one too! What a great gift to get for your Dad!

I’ll be right up front just inside the main doors from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm and would love to see you!

So please drop by and let’s chat about Science Fiction….would love to hear your own reviews on my books too!

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BONES: My New Series!

Thought maybe that I’d blog about what I’m doing right now — I’m involved in the launching of a brand new series of books — the BONES series!

The leading book #1, is entitled as Crash Landing and it’s the story of a single survivor who crash lands on the planet called BONES. Well, it’s called bones now as it’s a skeleton of a world that was lost almost a decade ago to the Boathi–the human race’s enemy alien race.

They have a simple recipe–decide if a world is colonize-able. If so, send in hundreds of ships with their superior technology. If not, then bomb all of the power generating stations like dams and solar and wind farms. And to ensure that the population dies, they virus bomb the whole planet with a virus that kills 99.9% of any world’s population.

Some of those who do survive, turn into zombies of all types. Some of the others end up alone, with no power and society and civilization breaks down planet-wide.

It’s a bad world and one that my hero gets crashed into–unknowingly now the survivor who must help right the wrongs that he finds while trying to stay alive too…


And is that map not beautiful! Made for me specially by Tessa Sentell from ! Give her a look/see if you want to see a real artist!


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“J is for Jim Rudnick, Science-fiction author…”

xterraBlog-JWhat a wonderful surprise, that my editor – the woman who I trust to help me get my commas and phrases correct, as well as discover plot holes — did a blog piece today on the letter “J” and yup, it’s for me!

Kelly Hartigan, of is my editor and she’s currently doing a whole set of 26 blog pieces, based on each of the alphabet letters and you can find the start of her series here.

But the letter “J” is for me! Yea…and as usual, it’s well written too!

Do drop by her blog piece here and take a real look at what she has to say about my RIM Confederacy Series and the new one too, BONES!

Oh, and in her sidebar on the right hand side, you’ll find her already posted blog pieces from A to J – so do bookmark her page to read the rest of her upcoming blogs too…

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My Writing Chair for Sale at $4,000

IMG_20160408_093537Yup, with the big news in the writing world that someone paid almost $400,000 US for the chair that J.K.Rowling sat in to write the first two Harry Potter books, my own chair is for sale too!

It’s a typical office chair, on casters with the lean back thingy too, not that I ever use it. But it is superior to the J.K.Rowling chair in so many ways…

I wrote the first eight of my RIM Confederacy novels, plus the first Bones Book too, in this chair…

I push myself from the desktop computer to my laptop with no issues at all…

I can spend hours researching a topic on google and the chair supports me fine…

I do spend hours writing in it too…but you know that, eh?

So, make me a bid…


The Reserve price is $4,000 as I figure that is 1% of the amount that J.K. got for her chair…but yeah, I’m open for offers too!

UPDATE: So far, I’ve had only one offer–$25 dollars and I’d have to pay to get it shipped to Portland, OR. Why someone did offer this is beyond me–but it’s below my reserve bid so nope, no OR future for this chair!

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Latest eBook Numbers!

50860-kindle-38My recap of what the latest numbers in various categories are, for eBooks — you know the kind of thing that works on Kindles and other eBook readers…

22% of all UK eBook Sales were Self-Published:
Indie Authors are starting to see more revenue from the United Kingdom. In 2015 22% of all e-book sales were from self-published authors, which is a dramatic increase from 16% in 2014.

eBook Sales Fell 12.7% in the First 11 Months of 2015:
The Association of American Publishers have just released their monthly Stateshot report that covers the first 11 months of 2015. e-Book sales have fallen 12.7% while print increased by 1.2% during the same period.
(NOTE: This one is under some real scrutiny due to the way these numbers were assembled!)

The KDP Select Global Fund for February was $14 million!:
Amazon has just announced that the Kindle Direct Publishing Select Global fund for February is $14 million dollars.  This allows authors who publish exclusively with Amazon to earn money whenever people read their book, after a certain number of pages…(NOTE: Read this one with regards to the article above!!)

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My New Website is Up!

website screenshotOkay, after putting this on the back burner — writer, remember? My muse says write every day and not so much “re-do your website” so I’d not thought about this much at all.

But then, I got an email from a web designer who said he specialized in author’s websites. I took a look and liked what I saw so I hired Faus of to do same. And he did.

And you’re looking at it now.

Is it NOT the bestest you’ve ever seen? Okay, so maybe more of a bias here cause it’s my own site–but I do think it’s swell.

Take a look around and let me know what you think!

Oh and do give me brand new series, the BONES books a look-see too…still writing Book #1 but she’ll be out soon!

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Indie Author Showcase: “Pirates” by Jim Rudnick

Back a few months ago, we were approached by good friends over at and they were nice enough to feature us in a great piece on our first RIM Confederacy series book – Pirates!

While I won’t reproduce it all here you should go and give it a great read — the article is great, the interviewer talented and hey, I personally think the book is great too!


You can find the link to same here!

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