Series One: The RIM Confederacy ~

“It was a loose confederation of more than 40 realms that was a place where the detritus of the galaxy ends up…where the inhabitants are for the most part lonely, iconoclasts or mavericks or hermits. Stellar worlds and republics, Duchies, Baronies and feudal planets and systems, and more. Aliens and humans combined into one large left-out slice of the galaxy that was more than 25,000 light-years from Earth, from where man had come centuries earlier. And now at the edge of the galaxy, the Confederacy looked outwards… at nothing within reach. Deep space…and the Rim…”


Series Two: Bones ~

“The leading book #1, is entitled as Crash Landing and it’s the story of a single survivor who crash lands on the planet called BONES. Well, it’s called bones now as it’s a skeleton of a world that was lost almost a decade ago to the Boathi–the human race’s enemy alien race. They have a simple recipe–decide if a world is colonize-able. If so, send in hundreds of ships with their superior technology. If not, then bomb all of the power generating stations like dams and solar and wind farms. And to ensure that the population dies, they virus bomb the whole planet with a virus that kills 99.9% of any world’s population. Some of those who do survive, turn into zombies of all types. Some of the others end up alone, with no power and society and civilization breaks down planet-wide. It’s a bad world and one that my hero gets crashed into–unknowingly now the survivor who must help right the wrongs that he finds while trying to stay alive too…”


Series Three: KindleWorlds Crimson World ~

Welcome to the 23rd Century

Earth’s despotic and bankrupt superpowers struggle for dominance in space and control over the wealth and resources of the Rim. All through space, giant fleets of kilometer-long warships fight to control the warp gates that facilitate interstellar travel. And on the colony worlds themselves, the Marines go in, armed with AI-assisted, nuclear-powered armor to win or die.

The Powers fight, but within each, factions struggle for power and position. And on the frontier, where a rugged breed of adventurers has extended man’s reach into the universe, whispers of independence are becoming louder. The masses of Earth live under the boots of their masters, but the colonists taming hundreds of new worlds are less easy to control.

The leading book in the Crimson Worlds Series for me is entitled “Planetary Breach” takes place within the 2nd Frontier Wars, where colony worlds are still being claimed by some of the Super Powers while other worlds are being stolen, their citizens murdered, their allegiances changing. This book is all about a single platoon of the French Foreign Legion, on mercenary assault duty hired by the Free Martian Confederation to disrupt their enemy, the Central European League from stealing Corinth, a planet rich in rare earth metals. Follow second lieutenant Jonas Rouyn as he leads his assault troops against the Panzer infantry of the CEL and tries to save the colony.


We like many other authors know about the huge new publishing model where you publish your own works yourself on Amazon and yes we do have some non-fiction books there too.

But for our SciFi fiction, we were going to use the old traditional publishing model – find an Agent who’ll get us a Publishing House…which we did do yes for some of our non-fiction books.

But…after much thought and work we have decided to self-publish our RIM Confederacy Series and our first volume – Pirates – is up and live and selling!


As well, the Prologues of all my upcoming books are up here for you to look over and see if they tweak your interest!  My RIM Confederacy Series is a planned set of 13 that will cover the life and times of Captain Tanner Scott of the RIM Navy and what a life it will be! And my BONES series will run at least nine full novels too!

And one small note…this all happens 26,000 light years from Earth–where the real detritus of the galaxy ends up…which is why a star ship captain just might be an alcoholic, where a Baroness might be a villain and where aliens come in all kinds of types and sizes too! Where zombies come either smart or dumb and where the love of a dog can get one through some hard times indeed!

Hopefully, my style of military Space Navy/Space Opera is the kind of #SciFi you like!

Love to have you sign up for an email me too if you’d like to read more and want advance notice of book launches too!


And as of today, Friday January 8th, 2016…I’ve just been approved as a brand new FULL ACTIVE member in the SFWA!!!


As well we’ve also begun to be asked to take part as an Author on various Panels at various Conferences and Conventions and Book Festivals too! Here’s a short list of same….and if you just walk up to me and say ‘Hi’ I’d love to talk SciFi with you too!


We also have done some Author Signing Days with various bookstores and Libraries too…and that has been so much fun as I get to talk to real Science Fiction readers too!

Here I am at Chapters in Burlington at their huge Fairvew Street store!

And again just in the past few months too…Chapters is a great place to do Author Signings and talk SciFi with readers!

And in Port Dover at their branch of the Norfolk County Library system too…

Science Fiction Night: I’m the Author!

Not often enough, I’d suppose, do I get the chance to sit and visit with other Science Fiction readers….

But I have been asked to be the Author at The River Trading Company’s “Science Fiction Night” on February 25th about two weeks away!

You can find details here — https://www.facebook.com/events/732249416922465/

And if you want some background on me and my own Science Fiction works, try here — http://jimrudnick.ca

Please, if you’ve a chance to drop by, and chat, I’d LOVE to have you there. I understand I’ll do a short reading and then it’s discussion and Q&A time too….

And if The River Trading Company is new to you and you’ve never been there–it’s well worth the time to get to know this great “new-to-Hamilton” book store…solid reading material lines the shelves and the owners KNOW books, eh!